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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Know Your Opponent - Murray State

As we enter the home stretch of the know your opponent segment I guess it is somewhat appropriate that Murray State with the nickname Racers is this week's opponent.

It's homecoming week at EIU and here are some of the events that are taking place on the campus.

1.) Men's soccer kicked off the week with a 2-2 tie with Bradley on Wednesday afternoon
2.) Women's soccer plays a pair of home games on Friday (3 p.m.) and Sunday (1 p.m.)
3.) Football is home at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday
4.) Swimming is home at 1 p.m. on Sunday (that is a time change from earlier noted schedules)

This week is also Pink Zone week around EIU athletics with merchandise being sold at most athletic events to go towards the fight against breast cancer. It starts Friday at women's soccer and will run through Tuesday's volleyball match.

A quick congrats to EIU sophomore runner Olivia Klaus who picked up her third OVC Runner of the Week award. Also men's and women's golf wrapped up play at the Austin Peay Fall Invite.

Now on to know your opponent.

1.) Murray State's nickname for its sports teams is Racers with the exception of the baseball team which still goes by the moniker Thoroughbreds

2.) At MSU home games Racer 1 runs around the track following each Murray State score. They also play a bingo game that guesses which square the horse will take a Racer 2 in.

3.) The school was founded at the same time as Morehead State (another OVC school, but one that fails to play football at the scholarship level). Murray was chosen as the site for Normal School in the western part of the state while Morehead was chosen for the eastern part of the state

4.) The University changed to a system of referring to its dorms as colleges much like the Ivy League schools do. The system is popular with its founding in England at world famous schools like Oxford and Cambridge

5.) Until a number of years ago Calloway County - where Murray is located - was one of the dry counties in Kentucky. It's always funny that states like Kentucky and Tennessee that make Bourbon and Whiskey seem to be the most with dry counties. Lynchburg, Tenn., where Jack Daniels is made is located in a dry county.

Next week focus on Austin Peay and for those that don't know their chant, tune in next week to see what happens when the fly is open.

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