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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Missed Opportunities

Life is full of missed opportunities like looking back on that first little kid crush or as an adult deciding should I have done this or that for a living. Sports is also full of missed opportunities that seem to play out on a more frequent basis.

On Sunday both EIU soccer teams fell 1-0 (men & women) on the road and you can bet both coaches would tell you about how this shot or that one could have been the difference in the match.

The Panther football team can also looked at missed opportunities they might have missed that would have made the difference in either of their recent home losses. EIU had two red zone chances that ended in field goals instead of touchdowns during a 28-13 loss to SEMO.

The other missed opportunity will be Panther fans that never had the chance to meet former player Cameron Brosseau who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on Saturday morning. Brosseau played for EIU during Coach Spoo's first couple of years at EIU and was working as a detective in the Indianapolis police department. Our condolences go out to his family.

Other EIU news from the weekend includes women's rugby picking up a shut out win over Minnesota and volleyball falling in three sets at Austin Peay on Saturday.

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