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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why is Pepto Bismol Pink?

Watching TV tonight flipping between the Boise State smurf turf and some other shows, I saw a Target ad that had a series of pharmacy questions. One of which was Why is Pepto Bismol pink?

I honestly didn't know the answer, other than great marketing strategy. Evidently the active ingredient Bismuth is pink and as some of the online sources would say - turns your tongue black when you take it. Ok maybe everything you read on the internet is not true.

Well here are a couple of things that we have found to be true in the last couple of days.

1.) EIU women's basketball was picked preseason No. 1 in the OVC

2.) EIU men's basketball was picked No. 3 in the preseason OVC poll.

3.) Men's soccer had to move its Tuesday night match in the Windy City for what else - Wind (inclement weather in the Chicago area forced UIC to move the match to Wednesday)

4.) Women's soccer clinched its 12th straight OVC Tournament berth and we think Kaylin Lorbert is by far the best goalkeeper in the OVC (second straight home weekend of OVC action with 200 minutes in the net and no goals).

5.) Volleyball picked up a much needed win in the OVC race with a 5-set victory over UT Martin on Tuesday night.

6.) Men's swimming is off to its best start in recent years.

Those are just the facts, nothing more maam.

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