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Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Blend Of It All

While Atlanta may be called the Capital of the New South - Nashville may be right up there with it as it is a little more than just Music City.

Many times the overlooked as a destination city in the southern state - Nashville has something to offer for everyone - even those not destined to be the next big country star.

Take this weekend for example as Eastern Illinois will play at Tennessee State. While 25,000 plus will be in town for the Tigers homecoming game, a step-show and other festivities will be taking place in one part of downtown.

Just a few mere two miles away the Southeastern Conference will be in full tilt with Florida visting Vanderbilt. Just in case you wondered what Nashville looked like a on Friday night - last night it was Orange and Blue as the Gator Nation had invaded. A few Blue and White shirts were out too, but the Panther Nation doesn't quite travel as well.

Throw on top of that the fact that Tootsie's is celebrating 50 years of business this weekend with the Country Music Award Show being televised from LP on Wednesday - a star sighting or two may be possible. Even EIU alumnus Jake Maurer had his name on the front page of The Tennessean as they did the article while Jake was playing his set.

Hopefully EIU can overcome some of the jitters of playing in front of a bigger crowd and an NFL Stadium later on tonight.

For those not fortunate enough to hit the road this weekend, EIU men's basketball kicks off its season tonight with an exhibition game with Illinois College at 6 p.m. Volleyball and men's soccer play their final regular season matches - both start at 2 p.m.

Last night EIU women's soccer finished its season falling 2-1 to Morehead State in the OVC semifinals. An own goal ended up being the difference which goes to show that soccer more often than not comes down to just one play or one goal.

Also men's and women's swimming posted wins over Lincoln College while volleyball lost a tough match to Austin Peay in four games.

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