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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blogging The Night Away

I have been going back-and-forth the last couple of days trying to decide when would be the best time to throw up a new blog report.

Should we have done a Halloween recap - trying to relate EIU's team's performances to Halloween Classic films. Why that was a nice idea, it didn't really pan out as most of EIU's teams turned in good performances that were not really worthy of horror film references.

So after some procrastination, Election Day rolled around and I thought about an - out with old, in the with the new concept. Only problem is its still too early if anyone will be leaving or anyone coming in. The only change known for sure is that men's soccer will be moving to the Summit League for soccer action next season.

So now we are into Wednesday which is normally reserved for a Know Your Opponent segment. Don't worry we will be back with that a little later on tonight. So as if I was inspired by an episode of Tennessee State alum Oprah Winfrey in her last season on the air - we are going to churn out two blogs in one night.

This one will be a quick recap of the things we have missed in the last couple of days like women's soccer having four players on the Academic All-District team, volleyball picking up a crucial win over Southeast Missouri on Tuesday to set up an interesting final home weekend or women's rugby crushing Iowa State in their senior day game.

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